We all deserve rich, meaningful expressions of our connection to place.  But our culture offers few options.  Most maps we look at are streamlined, digitized, and transportation based- how to get from Point A to Point B.  Mapping has become an automated service to get us where we want to go-- faster, without delays, without hassle.  We have forgotten that maps have always been, and need to be, so much more than navigation tools.  

Maps can offer authentic, personal orientation. Maps can ground our hearts as well as our minds. They are a surface of human meaning.  They orient our lived experience within the vastness of our imagined worldview.  We need maps that express what places matter to us, what is happening to the planet around us, and how we feel about all of that.  Maps that are expressive, alive, imperfect-- because they were made with the passion of the human hand.  

The mission of MollyMaps is to better understand our place on a dynamic planet through map-making and creative geographic expression.  This work involves commissions, exhibits, public art projects, community mapping campaigns, K-12 art education projects, and all-ages workshops.


Watercolor. Acrylic. Bird's Eye Views. Mental Maps. Floor Maps. Woodblock Prints. For your parents. For your children. For your company. Your land trust. Your town.  It's all possible. (Just not all at once).

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Kids + Maps

Map-making is perhaps one of the most essential human acts.  Not surpisingly, it quenches many thirsts of young people at once: self-actualization, grounding in place, visual thinking, spatial imagination and analysis, creative expression and geographic and planetary orientation. 

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