Map-making is perhaps one of the most essential human acts.  

Not surprisingly, it quenches many thirsts of young people at once:

  • Self-actualization (who am I?)

  • Grounding in place (where am I?)

  • Spatial imagination and analysis (what is out there?)

  • Creative expression (what matters to me?)

I am expanding my work with children to many different age groups, and creating workshops and projects that address a variety of topics that meet children (and classrooms) where they may be in their personal development and educational curriculum.  

Map-Making Workshops

A single workshop or presentation is an affordable way to introduce mapping ideas and concepts to students, and can be incorporated into vacation programs, summer camps, field trips and more.  Topics I've covered in the past include topography (with watercolors), treasure maps, maps of home and neighborhood, and bird's eye view perspective.  Most events are 45 - 60 minutes depending upon age and context.  Minimum cost: $200 per classroom