Map Monoprints


Map monoprints offer a custom, one-of-a-kind artwork with a timeless design.


Each map design is hand-carved into a relief block.


The block is then artfully inked by hand and run through a printing press one at a time.    


The result is a unique monoprint that can then be embellished with watercolors...

IMG_8452.jpg well as custom stamps. 

Other details: 

  • Typical sizes:  10" x 10" OR 12" x 18"
  • Monoprints are  1/1 (in an open varied edition) since they are uniquely inked, painted, and stamped. 
  • Monoprints are made in May/June.  We make about 4 new map designs a year. (request early)
  • All prints are made on 100% acid-free, cotton Stonehenge paper. 
  • Most monoprints are aerial view, although can be developed as a bird's eye view with a bit more work.
  • See the STORE for prints available from previous projects.