On Commissions: 


“Molly was great to work with. She allowed for a true collaboration on the project from start to finish which included being open to making changes and re-working the piece if I happened to change my mind on an aspect or two. We now have a vibrant, one of a kind family heirloom in our home which never fails to spark a good conversation among guests and holds a truly special place in the hearts of our family members.”

Tom Canniere


“I was blown away - it was so unexpected, unusual, and awesome - not something I’d ever anticipate someone doing for me, but so thoughtful, and such a wonderful piece to have and keep as a keepsake!”

Megan, Tom's wife.


"I commissioned MollyMaps to create a locator map of Casco Bay. The hand-painted map, which combines contemporary aerial views with traditional watercolor techniques, appears on the home page of the site and is the perfect illustration for providing an overview of the bay. Molly is a consumate artist who has the unique qualification of being a trained cartographer; she is a wonderful resource for depicting features and personality of place. ” 

Jan Piribeck


"I absolutely loved working with Molly for the creation of my custom map. She was so responsive and creative to my requests. My husband and I are thrilled with our map that celebrates our 10th wedding anniversary. It's something we will cherish for years to come!"

Julie Bardenhagen


"Our parents could not have loved (the map) more- thank you so, so much!"

"The map is a succinct, graphic representation of so many memories. It is like a charm bracelet that can be put up on the wall. The perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding or retirement celebration."

The Cole Family


“Just wanted to send my thanks for the 10th anniversary map you brilliantly created for Erin and I. We had a “date night” and I surprised her with the map. She was floored! Loved it ! and it even brought the tears out. Thank you for inspiring the idea to begin with and for creating such a wonderful anniversary gift.”

Justin Spring


"MollyMaps are a fantastic way to commemorate and celebrate a unique experience, place, or journey.  I received one as a graduation gift that hangs prominently in my home and have recently given one as a wedding present - the bride cried when she opened it!  The small, detailed touches and vivid watercolors combine to create a truly special work of art."

Brooke Beatt


“We gave my dad your beautiful map last night...he absolutely LOVED it! He’s just having a hard time decided where he wants to hang it! Thank you so much, it was such a joy to see how excited he was going through all the “places” on the map.”

Colleen Barton


"Bob loved his map! Thanks so much for your work for us- it was greatly admired."

Angela Ellis for the The Nature Conservancy, Massachusetts Chapter.


On Workshops: 

"Just wanted to send out a heads up about a great program/presenter that we had here at Thomas Memorial last night. ... it was a great combination of history, geography, and art. Participants were super engaged and seemed to really enjoy the program. Everyone walked out of the program with a completed map (well, actually they are currently on display here in the library) of their very own. Molly was extremely professional and did an awesome job leading the program. ... it filled up so fast we had to add a second session and probably have enough people on the wait list for that one to add a third. People love maps! ...I cannot recommend this program highly enough. So seriously, get on this while the mappin' is good!"

Andy Ryer, Librarian at Thomas Memorial Library, Cape Elizabeth, Maine


"Last night was so much fun! Molly was an articulate, interesting and knowledgable presenter. I can't wait to try my new map making skills at home now. This was a great workshop... I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is so cool that our library does workshops like this....Thanks again!"

Alina, Participant


"It was a wonderful time- I went from "this is SO far out of my comfort zone" to really enjoying it!!!"   

Barbara, Participant