Watercolor Mental Maps 


"Just wanted to send my thanks for the 10th anniversary map you brilliantly created for us... I surprised her with the map.  She was floored!  Loved it!  And it even brought the tears out.  Thank you for inspiring the idea to begin with and for creating such a wonderful anniversary gift.                                                          -- Justin, 2013

These maps are the bread and butter of MollyMaps.  Fun-loving, celebratory, and highly adaptable,  there really isn't anyone who shouldn't have one! 

Choose between two main types: 


Bird's Eye View: for one landscape

Often requested for family estates, camps, islands - beloved landscapes with lots of memories.  We'll draw specific illustrations from real photos, stories or descriptions. 


Mental Map: for many special places

Best for telling the story that includes many special memories and locations. As you can tell from its name (Mental map), these maps "accurately distort" geography to highlight and embellish what places are most meaningful. 

Examples of custom maps: 


  • Every project includes a draft map and a review process, so you'll get a chance to edit, correct and add to the map before its done.
  • Each map is made on hand-made, archival, cold press  Twinrocker Paper in Brookston, IN.  
  • Maps tend to contain about a dozen special little sketches of key sites based on clients' photos and descriptions
  • Most maps are 11" x 14" unless otherwise specified.  Archival pens and watercolors used. 
  • We are a small shop so only about ten maps are made every fall.  For giving as gifts outside of this timeframe, we make and send smaller  'token maps' to give at the time of a birthday, anniversary, etc. so you have something to give, plus it gives the recipient a chance to partake in the map-making process if interested!

"The map is here and hanging up and we LOVE it so much!"    - Sarah, 2017